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“Forever young, I wanna be forever youuuuuuuuung, etc.“
Alphaville, 1984

Back Market is a marketplace that fights
against planned obsolescence.
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What else?  - Four questions people always ask:

“What's the difference between a used iPhone and a refurbished iPhone?“

In both cases, the two devices are pre-owned or "second-hand" but that's where the similarities end. A refurbished iPhone has been tuned up and brought back to perfect working condition in a factory before being sold on Back Market (or somewhere else). So basically a refurbished phone has the double advantage of being both a cheap smartphone as well as also having a professional refurbisher guarantee its excellent quality.

On Back Market, can you only find refurbished tablets and smartphones?

No. This is a pretty common misconception about Back Market that we want to clear up. A lot of people think that refurbished electronics are limited to phones and tablets and computers & laptops when in fact everything (or almost everything) can be refurbished (from consoles to cameras, headphones, smart watches and a whole lot more). So make sure to stick around and browse the website — you might find a great deal on something unexpected.

How do I know that my refurbished tablet isn't going to conk out after 1 month?

You have our good faith, but we know that's not enough. We've made our customer reviews available for you to see for yourself that you're in good hands. And in case of some unlikely glitch, our warranties allow you to get a full refund, or to exchange your product for a minimum of 1-year.

Would Dr. Who buy a refurbished phone?

I'm glad you asked my fine companion! That's certainly a vital question, and a bit of a thinker too. We couldn't possibly answer this in only a few lines. That's why you'll have to head over to our awesome blog to find out the answer.

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