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Refurbished E-Readers

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Refurbished e-readers

Treat yourself to a refurbished e-reader

With an e-reader, you can have as many books as you want on the go at the same time. You can take your e-reader with you everywhere and it stores all your books in one place – no more heavy paperbacks to carry around. And when you buy a refurbished e-reader you’ll get a pristine condition device for a fraction of the usual price.

Get a bargain e-reader

Many people have moved from reading paperbacks and hardbacks to an e-reader. The benefits of an e-reader are numerous including:

  • A high-resolution display
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Font enlarging option
  • Read several books at the same time
  • Massive selection of books to choose from
  • Storage – store up to 3,000 books
  • E-reader books are cheaper than paper versions
  • Long battery life (weeks)

It’s like carrying your own library around with you. And the beauty of a refurbished e-reader is that it’s much cheaper than a brand new one but will be in excellent condition.

Pre-owned refurbished e-readers

Although the e-reader you buy from Back Market will be second-hand, it will have been carefully checked and tested by our team of expert technicians. There will be no trace of the previous owner and your device will be certified. It will also come with a one-year warranty, so you can be reassured that you’re getting the support of Back Market when you buy a refurbished e-reader from us.

A refurbished e-reader from Back Market is cheap. We sell these devices for up to 60% less than the standard manufacturer price. The e-reader is great for taking on holiday, reading on the way to work, when you’re waiting for someone or just at home relaxing in bed or on the sofa.

If you love books and reading, and are thinking about making the change to an e-reader, you won´t look back! Buy a cheap, refurbished e-reader from Back Market and start downloading all those books you’ve been waiting to read.