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Laura F.


Reviewed in Ireland on 27 March 2023

Everything was perfect!! The delivery was really fast and the airpods are in perfect conditions 🥰 so happy I would definitely recommend it!
Apple AirPods 2nd gen (2019) - Lightning White

Overall performance





Purchased on the 12 March 2023


Olivia G.


Reviewed in Ireland on 5 January 2023

The product looks new and in good condition but the double tap is not working. Since 2 months I am trying but is working 1/10 times. This is really annoying especially when I am running, I just can’t change the song… I am very disappointed for a product who supposed to be in « excellent condition ». And also I received my package few days late, the customers service told me that it was lost but I finally revived it, so it was okay
Apple AirPods 2nd gen (2019) - Lightning White

Overall performance





Purchased on the 5 November 2022


Timmy B.


Reviewed in Ireland on 26 May 2023

Apple AirPods Pro 1st gen (2021) - MagSafe White

Purchased on the 1 May 2023

Refurbished AirPods

Get a set of refurbished AirPods at a low price

The best addition to your life that you’ll buy all year, the Apple Bluetooth earphones shot to popularity from the moment they were released by the tech giant. The pinnacle of technological innovation, these earphones will set you back a fair amount – unless you buy refurbished AirPods from Back Market.

Buy a pair of refurbished AirPods, you won’t regret it

Back Market has a wide range of certified preowned Apple AirPods at an attractive price. Buying refurbished AirPods doesn’t mean compromising on quality though, Back Market put each pair through a vigorous set of tests and checks to ensure they’re in full working order before they are resold. For an extra layer of protection against future faults, you’ll also get a 12-month minimum guarantee.

Go hands free with refurbished AirPods

Apple AirPods are a feat of engineering and modern design – it’s no surprise they have fast become the most popular wireless Bluetooth earphones with many imposters and fakes on the market. However, there’s no need to buy anything other than the real deal when you see the amazing discounts on refurbished AirPods offered by Back Market. Apple AirPods are super light, weighing in at under 40 grams, and they’re designed to fit snuggly in your ear without falling out. AirPods pair with any Apple device, as well as other brands which are Bluetooth enabled. The user experience is seamless, and they have quite a few smart features, such as pausing the audio when you take one AirPod out of your ear, and the use of Siri with just a tap, plus so much more. As for the main feature of the Apple AirPods, the clarity and crispness of sound won’t disappoint.

Be on trend with refurbished AirPods from Back Market

Apple AirPods come in a handy rechargeable case which also charges the AirPods when they’re placed inside, making for fantastic battery life when on the go. Enjoy a few hours of use from your AirPods and when the battery is gone, simply place them back in the case which holds an additional 24 hours. When paired with an Apple device, you can hold the earphones close by to check up on the battery levels, and you can also download an app to do the same with a non-Apple device. Buy a pair of refurbished AirPods from Back Market and discover the nifty features the earphones come with, such as the double tap gesture to start playback - you’ll have all the gestures down in no time.

Apple AirPods, a feat of engineering and modern design with the stamp of true excellence only Apple can achieve. Shop the range of refurbished AirPods on Back Market, get yourself a pair of these slick-looking and very convenient wireless earphones for a fraction of the price.