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iPhone 8 iPhone XR


iPhone 8 iPhone XR
Width 67.3 mm 75.7 mm
Height 138.4 mm 150.9 mm
Weight 148 g 194 g
Thickness 7.3 mm 8.3 mm


iPhone 8 iPhone XR
Resolution 750 x 1334 px 828 x 1792 px
Density 326 ppi 326 ppi
Size 4.7 inches 6.1 inches


iPhone 8 iPhone XR
Battery capacity 1821 mAh* 2942 mAh*
Wireless charging Yes Yes
Fast charging Yes Yes
Ultra power saving mode Yes Yes

*Refurbished devices sold on Back Market offer at least 85% of this maximum power


iPhone 8 iPhone XR
Maximum storage 256 GB 256 GB
CPU frequency 2.53 GHz 2.5 GHz
RAM capacity 2 GB 3 GB
LTE support Yes Yes


iPhone 8 iPhone XR
Front camera resolution 7 MP 7 MP
Main camera resolution 12 MP 12 MP
Multi lens No No
Optical zoom No No
Flash Yes Yes
Optical stabilization Yes Yes
Slow motion video Yes Yes
Main camera video resolution 2160 px 2160 px


iPhone 8 iPhone XR
Stereo speakers Yes Yes
3.5mm jack socket No No
Number of microphones 3 3

Our recent comparisons

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 Comparison

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 - Is there a clear winner or are we in for a surprise? We compare the two iPhones and see how different they really are. Plus we give our verdict on which iPhone is the better choice to have. 

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8: About the two iPhones

The iPhone 8 was first released in September 2017, and a year later came the iPhone X series where the iPhone XR had a few noticeable changes. One of those being the Face ID authentication feature which exists until today’s latest models, and fingerprint touch ID being the last of its kind in the iPhone 8 series. With only a year apart between their release dates, the two phones actually share quite a lot of similarities, but ultimately there are some key differences where we will go into greater detail below.       

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8: Design

Across all measurements of height, weight, thickness and width, the iPhone 8 takes the W! More portable to travel with, you can easily hide it in your jean pocket, clutch handbag or even just hold it securely in the palm of your hand - it just feels a lot more easier to hold in comparison to the iPhone XR overall. However, in terms of colours available between the two iPhones, the iPhone XR has a more playful range with white, black, blue, yellow, coral, (PRODUCT)red on offer. Whereas, the iPhone 8 was released with colours similar to a MacBook range with colours only in silver, space grey and gold that some may find a bit mundane in comparison. Both phones offer a glass back and metal frame that gives a quite premium feel when holding. 

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8: Screen display

This is one of the main differences between the two models since straight away from a glance you can tell that the iPhone XR has a bigger screen size and higher resolution when comparing. Undoubtedly, the edge-to-edge screen helps feed in more brightness and vibrancy that you will see is lacking in the iPhone 8 - no thanks to the big forehead and chin that takes up space.  

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8: Performance and storage

The XR bionic chip is an upgrade to the iPhone 8 by 50%. The iPhone XR is built with an A12 chip whereas the iPhone 8 has the older A11 chip inside. Both are certainly powerful enough to still process everyday general activities without any delay, but with the XR you will notice a slight improvement in the overall user experience. Both have a maximum storage of 256 GB but the RAM capacity is slightly better in the XR vs iPhone 8 (3 GB vs 2 GB). 

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8: Battery

Another huge difference between the two here is the battery life. The iPhone XR has this won easily as there is considerably more milliampere hour against the iPhone 8 (2942 mAh vs 1821 mAh). However, other than this both iPhones share the same capabilities with the battery such as they both offer; fast charging, wireless charging, and an ultra power saving mode.

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8: Camera

This is perhaps the most surprising between the two iPhones - Apple made no camera improvements between the iPhone XR and the iPhone 8. Both phones feature a 7 MP front camera, 12 MP rear camera (single lens), with no optical zoom. Both have optical stabilisation, flash, and slow motion video capability with the same camera video resolution of 2160 px and 4K video recording.    

iPhone XR vs iPhone 8: Special features

As touched on earlier, the iPhone XR uses face ID authenticati