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Treat yourself to a refurbished stand mixer for less than $100!

If you love baking gourmet cakes and tasty cookies but can’t find the time to indulge your passion, you need a kitchen assistant. Embrace the robotic trend with a refurbished stand mixer from Back Market to make baking a breeze.

A cheap stand mixer is possible thanks to Back Market

If you’ve previously had the idea that you would like to buy a stand mixer, then you likely know how expensive they can be. However, if you buy a certified pre-owned stand mixer from Back Market, you can get yourself a robotic kitchen aid for a bargain price. They can knead dough, beat eggs into flour and mix all manner of ingredients in minutes. Each of our cheap stand mixers has different functions, speeds, bowl capacities and available accessories, so you’re sure to find a model that fits your needs. Plus, our refurbished stand mixers come in a variety of colors to seamlessly blend into your kitchen.

Only advantages with a refurbished stand mixer

To save money you might have considered buying a second-hand stand mixer, but decided not to on account of the risk involved. Instead, you can buy a stand mixer from Back Market that’s significantly cheaper than those you’ll find in the store, but that also comes with quality guarantees. That’s because every product we sell undergoes a series of tests first to ensure perfect order. So whichever leading brand of refurbished stand mixer you buy, Kitchenaid, Bosch, Thomson or Moulinex, you know you’re getting a high-quality product that works. Even better, we include a 12-month minimum warranty with all products for additional peace of mind.

Stop dreaming and start doing thanks to the refurbished stand mixer range at Back Market. Treat your loved ones to delicious baked goods without spending hours in the kitchen.