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Refurbished iPhone XS Max

Get a refurbished iPhone XS Max from Back Market for less

Buying a refurbished iPhone XS Max from Back Market has many advantages, the primary one is the price. These models are the latest to drop from the technology giants who usually release new smartphones every year. This means the iPhone XS Max is one of the highest spec, top-of-the-range smartphones you can buy right now, which usually comes at a price. Back Market refurbish and resell iPhone XS Maxs, in ‘like new’ conditions, at a much lower price than a brand-new device.

Get a cheap iPhone XS Max

This particular model boasts the biggest display of any iPhone, coming in at 6.5 inches, ample screen for any lover of big phones. On the AMOLED screen, just as previous models, there is no home button, but instead it has the innovative Face ID feature which unlocks the phone using facial recognition via the front camera. The A12 bionic chip and 4GB of RAM means the device is super-fast, responsive and doesn’t struggle with any task. Anyone can be an amazing photographer or videographer with the best quality cameras in an iPhone yet, and cool editing features.

Why buy reconditioned instead of new?

The iPhone XS Max is one of latest models to come out of the US tech giant, and as such, owning one comes at a hefty cost. Back Market sell refurbished smartphones online at extremely competitive prices, meaning owning one might just be within your gasp after all. Don’t be wary of our low prices, it doesn’t mean poor-quality phones, in fact we promise the opposite. Each phone is put through numerous tests and checks in Back Market laboratories before it passes and can be resold in an as good as new state. Get piece of mind with 12-month guarantee as a minimum, just in case of any defects or faults with your device. In that unlikely event, the phone will be repaired free of charge, or an exchange or refund will be offered.

How to buy a refurbished iPhone XS Max on Back Market

If you’re a first-time refurbished smartphone buyer, follow this guide to buying an iPhone XS Max on the Back Market website:

  • Choose from 64GB, 256GB or 512GB worth of storage on your iPhone XS Max, depending on your media consumption needs.
  • Pick a colour you’ll love - The iPhone XS Max is available in gold, grey or silver.
  • Lastly, pick your 12-month minimum guarantee, to protect you from any nasty surprises.

The attractive price of a refurbished iPhone XS Max on Back Market is the main benefit of buying a previously used or refurbished phone, which could save you hundreds of pounds on your purchase. Another lesser known benefit is to the environment when you choose not to buy new – buying a second-hand smartphone means it won’t go to landfill as electronic waste but will instead get a second lease of life – a massive advantage for the modern eco-savvy consumer. Try Back Market for yourself today, it won’t disappoint!