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Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus

Our very best refurbished iPhone 8 Plus:

iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB - Space Gray - Unlocked
39% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Grade: Fair
Refurbished tech can help reduce e-waste, more than you think.

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Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus devices

Looking for a cheap large-screen phone? The refurbished iPhone 8 Plus awaits!

If you want a cheap phone with a large screen at a great price, a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus is your best bet.

Discounts on a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus

Want a phone with a large screen but can´t afford one? Don’t worry. At Back Market, we’ve got hundreds of great deals on phones, including the latest refurbished iPhone 8 Plus model.

We’re selling this refurbished phone at a discounted price, well below the market, so you can enjoy a high-performance state-of-the-art iPhone 8 Plus for a cheap price.

All our refurbished iPhone 8 Plus phones come with a standard one-year guarantee, so if you need repairs, replacement or even a refund you’ll be eligible.

Unbelievable savings on the iPhone 8 Plus

The refurbished iPhone 8 Plus is a genuine pre-owned Apple phone and comes with all the standard Apple technology. When you buy an iPhone 8 Plus that’s second hand you’ll get up to 256 GB of memory, fast processing from the cutting-edge Apple A11 Bionic chip, a 12-megapixel camera, and all the other original Apple features. And let´s not forget the star feature – the super-large 5.5-inch screen with a high-resolution display. All for an extremely cheap price!

If your budget is limited but you need a phone with a large screen (maybe for work) the refurbished iPhone 8 Plus could be the answer. It’s sleek, extremely lightweight and delivers high-performance computing on a mobile phone.

Be smart – save money and buy a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus.