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Refurbished HP Laptop Stream

Where are all the Refurbished HP Laptop Stream?

Great Scott! We don’t have any left in stock today.

Come by later, maybe they’ll be back by then!

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Totally wrong item was delivered, Got an HP Officejet printer, but I ordered an HP Z book studio!!!! 1 week I was waiting for this and I didn't even look at other websites, once i found this, all the offers from other websites might have expired by now I hope they replace and send me the current pro...

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Refurbished HP Stream computers

Get a fantastic price on a refurbished HP Stream from Back Market

In need of a laptop upgrade as soon as possible, but don’t want to splurge on a brand new one? Back Market have got you covered with our range of refurbished HP Stream devices.

A refurbished ‘as new’ HP Stream from Back Market: get quality on a budget

You no longer need to spend a fortune to get the latest in tech thanks to Back Market. We are committed to driving down the price of devices, whilst offering quality preowned products. Treat yourself to a refurbished HP Stream from Back Market, with the Windows 10 operating system already installed. This model has a 14-inch display, 4GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD making for a fast and fluid user experience.

How to get an amazing deal on a refurbished HP Stream

Back Market are revolutionising the tech market. Buy a refurbished HP Stream from Back Market safe in the knowledge that all of our devices undergo stringent tests and checks by our expert technicians before they are resold, to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Upgrade your laptop and get as much as 50% off the original price!