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Galaxy A9 128 GB (Dual Sim) - Blue - Unlocked

Galaxy A9 128 GB (Dual Sim) - Blue - Unlocked

47% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Condition: Fair
181 grams of e-waste saved

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1 product

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Galaxy A9 128 GB (Dual Sim) - Blue - Unlocked

Galaxy A9

128 GB - Blue - Unlocked
Warranty: 12 months Starting from

181 grams.

In buying a Samsung Galaxy A9, you're helping prevent 181 grams of electronic waste. That's the equivalent of 90 Pringles. Yum-o.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy A9 devices

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Like-new refurbished Samsung Galaxy A9

If you want to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy A9 that’s second-hand but in excellent condition, we’ve got the solution. Back Market has a range of cheap Samsung Galaxy A9s for sale.

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A big phone at a small price

The refurbished Samsung Galaxy A9 is a flagship phone for Samsung and its main feature has to be the 4 cameras, with 5, 8, 10 and 24 megapixels. This is perfect for professional-looking pictures and videos every time you capture a memory. This cool-looking phone comes in 3 snazzy metallic colours – lemonade blue, bubblegum pink and caviar black – so you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

Add to this, 128 GB of memory, a 6.3-inch screen and the fast processing of a Snapdragon 660 chip and you’ve got an up-to-date phone at a cheap price. You can buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy A9 at Back Market for much less than full price – we’ll give you up to 60% discount on the original manufacturer’s price.

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