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Refurbished Nintendo 3DS

Our very best refurbished Nintendo 3DS:

Nintendo 3DS - HDD 4 GB - Black
17% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Grade: Fair
Refurbished tech can help reduce e-waste, more than you think.

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Quality is outstanding, no signs if usage. Delivery very fast (5 days), i am very happy with the service and will come back again.

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Refurbished Nintendo 3DS consoles

Shop for a refurbished Nintendo 3DS and save money

Are you looking for a gift for your kids that’ll keep them entertained and is low in price? The refurbished Nintendo 3DS is a hand-held games console that gives a way to play games in 3D without the need for special glasses.

Cheap Nintendo 3DS

There’s a massive selection of games available for the Nintendo 3DS. From Super Mario to The Legend of Zelda to Pokémon - you’re sure to find something to suit boys and girls of all ages. The great thing about the Nintendo 3DS is it’s portable – so kids can take it wherever they go. Lightweight, with a 3.52-inch screen and three cameras, the refurbished Nintendo 3DS at Back Market is up to 60% cheaper than a brand-new version. Yet it will work just as well as a new model as every console is checked, tested and certified to ensure it´s in perfect working order before it reaches you.

One-year guarantee on the refurbished Nintendo 3DS

We include a free one-year guarantee with every refurbished Nintendo 3DS we sell. So, if something goes wrong you can return it, have it repaired or get a refund. Your refurbished Nintendo 3DS is second-hand but will still live up to the excellent standards you can expect from Back Market. Choose from a device with a few scratches and save even more money or select one that’s in mint condition.

And when you buy a refurbished Nintendo 3DS you’re also helping protect the planet by recycling an electronic device.

Preowned refurbished Nintendo 3DS – quality gaming at a discounted price.