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Refurbished Honor 10

Our very best refurbished Honor 10:

Huawei Honor 10 64 GB (Dual Sim) - Peacock Blue - Unlocked
53% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Grade: Good
Refurbished tech can help reduce e-waste, more than you think.

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Refurbished Honor 10 devices

Get a great deal on a refurbished Honor 10 from Back Market

A refurbished Honor 10 smartphone is a smart and reliable choice for someone who needs a new high-quality phone on a budget. Offering fantastic value for money, this smartphone looks the part with its modern design and works a dream. Enjoy a huge discount on a refurbished device in comparison to its brand-new counterpart thanks to Back Market.

What make a refurbished Honor 10 irresistible?

One of the standout features of the Honor 10 smartphone is its fantastic image quality with vibrantly displayed colours brought to you by the IPS screen. The design of this model is sleek and luxurious with its glass shell and fingerprint reader. A refurbished Honor 10 device is a great option for the tech-savvy consumer and it’s made even more attractive by Back Market’s low prices.

Here are the features and components that make up the impressive device:

  • A Kirin 970 processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • A black and white 24-megapixel rear camera plus 16-megapixel colour lens
  • A 24-megapixel camera lens on the front
  • Storage capacity of up to 128GB
  • Battery life of more than 15 hours.

How to buy a refurbished Honor 10 device from Back Market

To get the lowest price on a refurbished Honor 10 device, discover the range on the Back Market website – you won’t find a better deal elsewhere. Choose from a variety of devices available on the site in black, blue, silver, gold, grey and white. You can also choose from 8 and 128 GB storage capacity and if that’s not enough, it’s possible to add extra space by inserting a memory card.

One of the best reasons to buy a refurbished Honor 10 device through Back Market instead of through an individual, is the guarantee you will get with your smartphone. Get 12-months’ minimum protection against breakdown of your device or opt for longer – the choice is yours. If anything should go wrong with the device within the guarantee period, Back Market will arrange to repair or replace your device for free, or you can opt for a full refund. If that doesn’t give you peace of mind, then nothing will!

Get a luxurious and high-spec refurbished Honor 10 device from Back Market and save yourself tens of pounds. Your certified refurbished smartphone will work as good as new and is protected by a 12-month guarantee, so what are you waiting for?