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Lifespan on Back Market: 8 months

About the refurbisher

Xera Distribution is an Italian company integrated in the global technological scenario, committed to operating and growing in the import and wholesale distribution market of office and IT products. A strong focus on innovation and cutting-edge solutions places Xera Distribution at the top in the ability to follow new market trends, respecting the environment and saving over 70% on the purchase of refurbished Office and IT products. High quality and proven reliability are the values ​​that characterize the company's offer: Xera Distribution boasts one of the most efficient and performing regeneration platforms in the industry. As part of the regeneration process applied by Xera Distribution, the equipment is completely disassembled, returned to "iron", cleaned, checked and reassembled, using absolutely eco-friendly materials. Once reassembled, the products are subjected to a series of control tests, aimed at ensuring that efficiency and performance are on par with new machinery.

  • EIN number: IT02133000683
  • SIRET N°: 02133000683
  • Tax address: Xera srl, via delle gualchiere 5, 65013, città sant'angelo, IT

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