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We share a passion for computers and new challenges. And it is from this that we derive our passion for work! The Bluebyte store was created thanks to the love of electronics, savings and environmental protection. Throughout all the years of our work, we have managed to gain the trust and support of many clients. It is a great distinction and confirmation that our efforts and enthusiasm are not wasted. Where did our idea come from? A few years ago, we asked ourselves: What happens to equipment that is operational and no longer needed? Following this thought, we have created a place where used, post-lease computers, laptops and telephones are revitalized, tested and then sold. We are against consumerism and believe that working computers do not need to be thrown away just because we would like a newer model of it. We have been working with this idea for 5 years.

  • EIN number: PL5833200547
  • SIRET N°: 0000613888
  • Tax address: Bluebyte, Pszenna 140, 80-297, Banino, PL

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