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Aleksandr P.


Reviewed in Ireland on 25 February 2023

Fast shipping. Good quality. Thanks!
Marshall Major III wireless Headphones - Black

Overall performance





Purchased on the 8 February 2023

Refurbished Bluetooth headphones

Get a spectacular deal on a pair of refurbished Bluetooth headphones at Back Market!

Wireless headphones connect automatically to Bluetooth enabled devices so that you can watch TV and films or listen to music at home without disturbing others or when you’re on the go. They can be quite expensive, with some of the market’s leading brands costing hundreds of pounds, unlike Back Market’s range of refurbished Bluetooth headphones.

Take your pick from Back Market’s wide range of refurbished Bluetooth headphones

The perfect travel companion, you wouldn’t be seen dead in the gym without a pair, enables you to stay up late watching films without annoying your flatmate – the benefits of Bluetooth headphones are non-disputable. They are the product that everyone wants at the moment, but they come with a big price tag. Don’t take the risk of buying a cheap pair that might breakdown within weeks; investing in a pair from a brand you have confidence in doesn’t have to cost the earth. Back Market has the perfect solution. Browse through our extensive range of refurbished Bluetooth headphones from the well-known brands you want. We stock Beats, JBL, Sony, AKG, Bose and JVC, in a range of styles. Choose from in-ear or over-ear and select the colour that suits you – go loud and proud with bright pink over-ear headphones, or monochrome in-ear for discreet comfort - we have covered all bases at Back Market.

Upgrade your life with a pair of refurbished Bluetooth headphones

We offer a significant discount on the original retail price on all of our refurbished Bluetooth headphones. Browse the range to find one that fits your budget depending on the brand, model and refurbished state you select. We have an easy-to-understand 5 tier categorisation to make it quick and simple for you to find out what refurbished state the product is in; ‘shiny’ means this product is almost identical to the new product; the lowest level is ‘stallone’ where many bargains are to be had on preloved products with visible signs of use. All products, no matter their categorisation are in perfect working order with varying levels of superficial damage, but we always let you know exactly what you are buying. You can buy a pair of refurbished headphones for less with confidence knowing your product has been thoroughly tested by Back Market before it is sold with a 12-month minimum warranty.

Upgrade your life with convenience and comfort, and buy a pair of refurbished Bluetooth headphones from Back Market at a price you’ll love.