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Compare iPads and other tablets

Looking to buy a tablet, but can't decide which model is right for you? Then compare iPads and other tablets online using Back Market's tablet comparison tool to make the best buying decision. Simply, enter the model of the two tablets you wish to compare against, then instantly see a detailed comparison of specifications, customer ratings, and price side-by-side. At Back Market, we have a diverse catalogue of refurbished Apple iPads, Samsung tablets, Huawei tablets, Lenovo tablets, Amazon Fire tablets, plus many more to choose from, all at the best prices.

Which tablet is right for me?

With Apple revolutionising the tablet space with the iPad, manufacturers alike followed suit with their own innovations to match the needs of different types of users. Whether you're a creative, bookworm, professional worker, casual gamer (or a mixture of all), then consider tablets that specialise in different features such as; design, storage size, processing power, operating system, camera quality, stylus support, mobile network availability, and docking support etc.

What tablet is comparable to an iPad?

If you're considering iPad alternatives, then consider comparing the iPad to models like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S series, Microsoft Surface Pro, Amazon Fire, and the Lenovo Tab. For a more detailed breakdown, just try our handy tool above! Shopping for the right smartphone too, but stuck in two minds as well? Then head over to our popular phone comparison tool which works exactly the same way, and compare all types of mobile phones against each other.

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