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Refurbished Vacuum cleaners

Our very best refurbished Vacuum cleaner:

Hoover RA22SE Vacuum cleaner

Hoover RA22SE Vacuum cleaner

27% discount
Warranty: 12 months

Grade: Fair
2500 grams of e-waste saved
They bought on Back Market
That's according to Jim W. This is my second purchase, the quality, and the speed to which they arrived is outstanding. 24/01/2020

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14 products

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Verified customer reviews for Refurbished Vacuum cleaners


Average of 0 reviews from the past 6 months.

Julien C. 02/11/2021
Really good quality, fast delivery.

Marguerite D. 09/10/2021
Product in very good condition and fully functional. Arrived very quickly.

Delphine F. 12/11/2021
Product in perfect condition, arrived very quickly and as described. Nothing more to say!

Daniel L. 03/01/2020
This is my second purchase.....all perfect - above expectations....

Jim W. 24/01/2020
This is my second purchase, the quality, and the speed to which they arrived is outstanding.

Refurbished vaccum cleaners

High-quality refurbished vacuum cleaners at low prices

Is it time for a vacuum cleaner upgrade? If your cleaner isn´t doing its job as well as it should, it’s time to shop for a new one. If you don´t want to spend a lot on a new vacuum cleaner, have you considered a vacuum cleaner that’s been refurbished? At Back Market, we’ve got a fantastic range of top-quality refurbished vacuum cleaners at up to 70% off the market price. That’s a great deal!

Why buy a refurbished vacuum cleaner?

The answer’s simple – because you’ll get the same top quality you’d expect from your favourite vacuum cleaner brands at a fraction of the price. If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that’s cheap and does an excellent job, then a refurbished model is for you.

At Back Market, we only refurbish genuine vacuum cleaner brands that their owners no longer require. A vacuum cleaner that’s second hand doesn´t have to be poor quality if you buy from us. Each model is carefully reconditioned and stringently tested before we put it on sale, so it´s like new. And as well as being a great price, all our products come with a 12-month guarantee, offering a free repair, exchange or refund in case of breakdown.

We stock all kinds of pre-owned vacuum cleaners: bagless, bagged, upright, cordless or with a cord. If you’ve got pets and are looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner, we’ve got a wide selection of branded models to choose from. Or have you always wanted a robotic vacuum cleaner to take the hard work out of cleaning your home? These can be expensive, but at Back Market you’ll find a selection of refurbished vacuum cleaners at discounted prices.

Buy refurbished vacuum cleaners at cheap prices

Home appliances can be an expensive purchase, but not if you choose a refurbished model. Back Market stock a wide range of second-hand vacuum cleaners at 20-70% off standard manufacturer prices. These are pretty amazing savings for a premium branded product that works as well as the original.

What next?

Start browsing and select your refurbished vacuum cleaner today:

  • Decide what features you want your new vacuum cleaner to have. You can choose from powerful suction, cordless, lightweight, especially for pet hair, upright, robotic… whatever suits your lifestyle.
  • Scroll through all refurbished vacuum cleaners until you find what you´re looking for.
  • Click on the model you like and look forward to receiving your bargain refurbished vacuum cleaner.

For professional cleaning results from reliable brands choose Back Market for your refurbished vacuum cleaner.