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Refurbished Playstation 4

Our very best refurbished Playstation 4:

PlayStation 4 Slim - HDD 500 GB - Black

PlayStation 4 Slim - HDD 500 GB - Black

2% discount
Warranty: 12 months

Condition: Fair
2100 grams of e-waste saved
They bought on Back Market
That's according to Carl B. Just as described. I found this to be a great deal on a nearly perfect refurb. Not a mark on it, really. 12/02/2020

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1 product

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Jason W. Bought: PlayStation 4 Pro - HDD 1 TB - Black 2 months ago
so far so good, needed a different power cable here in ireland but trouble other than that super silent don't even here the fan, happy
Quality-price ratio
Overall performance
Packaging and cleanliness

Refurbished PS4 consoles

Get a fantastic deal on a refurbished PS4

Since its birth in 2013, the PS4 has become a staple in the gaming world, reaching legendary status for a console. Buy a second-hand refurbished PS4 from Back Market and enjoy a next-level gaming experience.

Certified refurbished PS4 consoles: take your pick from all generations of the console

Whether you’re an OG fan, prefer the PS4 Slim or Pro models, a refurbished PS4 from Back Market is a good option if you’re pinching the pennies. The price can vary from device to device depending on the model, storage capacity and controllers. You can also pick up deals which include certain games with your device – ideal for those new to gaming. Buying a refurbished PS4 from Back Market is a safer option than buying second-hand from an individual through an auction site or social media post. You can buy with confidence thanks to the stringent tests and checks each console is put through before they are sold ‘as new’ on the Back Market website, as well as the 12-month minimum guarantee.

Get your refurbished PS4 accessories from Back Market too

Shop the range of Sony PS4 accessories to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. The Dual shock 4 or V2 controllers are essential accessories for many and can be found in a number of different colours and patterns on the Back Market website. For an even more immersive group player experience, a PS4 headset might be a good choice. You’ll also find the dedicated camera and PlayStation Move controllers available on our site to finish off your refurbished PS4 console set-up.

Join in the magical world of gaming with a refurbished PS4 console, at an attractive price on Back Market. Get yours today and all the accessories for a fraction of the original cost.