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Refurbished Huawei Mate 9

Our very best refurbished Huawei Mate 9:

Huawei Mate 9 64 GB (Dual Sim) - Grey - Unlocked

Huawei Mate 9 64 GB (Dual Sim) - Grey - Unlocked

71% discount
Warranty: 12 months

Condition: Fair
190 grams of e-waste saved
They bought on Back Market
That's according to Carl B. Just as described. I found this to be a great deal on a nearly perfect refurb. Not a mark on it, really. 12/02/2020

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3 products

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Verified customer reviews for Refurbished Huawei Mate 9


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Gabrielle M. 28/01/2020
Back Market is the only place I trust to get actual good used technology. Never have had a bad experience and any issue I had for immediately taken care of. This is the best website.

Alex F. 10/11/2021
Perfect. Arrived in very good condition and well packed. Works perfectly.

Daniel L. 03/01/2020
This is my second purchase.....all perfect - above expectations....

Aaron A. 13/01/2020
Good stuff thanks for be with me every step of the shopping process

Julien C. 02/11/2021
Really good quality, fast delivery.

Refurbished Huawei Mate 9 devices

There are a million reasons to buy a refurbished Huawei Mate 9 from Back Market

You could own a high-quality refurbished Huawei Mate 9 sooner than you might have thought with Back Market’s amazingly low prices. Back Market offers refurbished smartphones that are ‘as new’ - the only difference is the price!

Get the latest tech with a refurbished Huawei Mate 9 from Back Market

The Huawei Mate 9 model is one of the Chinese tech giant’s most popular models, and for good reason. That’s because this model is packed with features, boasts an excellent camera quality and has a modern and luxurious aesthetic, and Back Market’s refurbished Huawei Mate 9 models are no different. All of our smartphones are put through a number of stringent checks to ensure the device is working just as a new one would. At this point our experts would swap any malfunctioning parts for a brand new one and restore the smartphone to its original state – at least very close to it! You can buy a refurbished Huawei device from Back Market knowing it is in full working order and has been checked and certified.

Let’s sweeten the deal on the refurbished Huawei Mate 9

Don’t just take our word on the quality; we even back this claim up by offering a 12-month minimum warranty period, giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event that anything does go wrong with the device. So, you can take advantage of the super low prices without worrying about the quality.

Shop the range of refurbished Huawei Mate 9 devices, and get a reliable smartphone without breaking the bank!