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Refurbished gifts for Christmas 2021

Christmas deals on tech for all the family!

You’ve got your Santa hat on and are making a list. Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a Winter deal on an iPhone for a teenage son or daughter? Or a Mac laptop deal for someone who's working from home? Or maybe a MacBook for a student who has online classes? No matter who you are shopping for this Christmas, we have got you covered! All our tech is refurbished, which means that you can find a product with a 1-year guarantee with a much lower price tag than splashing out for a new model. And, even though these Christmas gifts are not strictly brand new, that doesn't mean they don't look shiny and new! All products are listed with a note on their condition - opt for a mint condition product for a device that looks brand spanking new!

As an added benefit, refurbished products are not only easy on your wallet - they are also much more environmentally-friendly. Choosing a refurbished piece of tech such as a computer or phone saves a perfectly good device from going to waste. It also helps to lower the pollution generated from mining and the technological production required to produce the likes of new iPhones and iPads. If anyone in your life is striving to take care of the environment or follows a low-carbon lifestyle, gifting them a refurbished device is an added bonus.

Our tech deals are not just for Christmas - we offer sales and the best prices on tech all year round. Discounts truly are our forte!

Christmas Gift ideas for Dad

At the top of some Dads' Christmas wish list, you might find the likes of fishing supplies, power tools or outdoorsy gifts such as walking sticks and hiking gear. Many fathers across the UK will, however, have some kind of tech on their wish list. Check out our Christmas guide to buying refurbished tech for your father this year.

Christmas Tech Gifts Mum will love

Although she might not realise it, your mam's computer may need replacing. If it has gotten to the stage where it is slow to load, and the graphics are simply outdated, it's may be time for an upgrade. If you are planning to splash out and truly surprise your mother's for Christmas in 2021, choose a gift she'll use daily and won't forget quickly. A refurbished Mac laptop or MacBook under the tree will truly knock her socks off this year.

Best iPhone on a budget

Does your teenager continuously lose or break smartphones? If so, spending a fortune on a new model may not be the best idea. A refurbished iPhone is an excellent choice in this case. Check out our top iPhone deals for Christmas 2021.

Have a girlfriend or boyfriend in need of a laptop for Christmas?

Just how much do your love your other half? Not very much if you are not willing to buy them a MacBook! If only it were that easy. If you are shopping for a laptop for someone - whether it's a Windows laptop or MacBook - and you don't wish to spend mega bucks, have a look at the best Windows laptop deals and MacBook deals. There are many more gift ideas for Christmas for your girlfriend or boyfriend at those hyperlinks too, in case you are simply scrolling for some festive inspiration.

Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

It is perhaps an understatement to say that grandparents sometimes struggle to get to grip with technology. That said, many grandparents in the UK love to stay connected with their families via text or phone and may be willing to try out an iPhone or iPad. If this sounds familiar, iPads are the most accessible and user-friendly tablets available on the market. They are intuitive to use and easy to navigate, even if you haven't owned an Apple device before. Any Apple device, but in particular, a refurbished iPad would make a great gift for any grandparent. Set them up on the Channel4 streaming service for the soaps and blow their mind by FaceTiming them throughout the year. Plus, you can win some brownie points by helping them get set up and showing them how to use it. Quality time spent on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Fans

If you have a gym-lover or fitness fanatic in your life, there is a high chance that they are already eyeing up a fitness tracker or sports watch of some description. There are various models to choose from at different price points and you don't need to gift someone an Apple Watch simply because they have an iPhone (it would be super nice though, just saying!). Plenty of other fitness trackers are compatible with iOS, however, and you'll have plenty to choose from, regardless of whether you are shopping for an iOS or Android user. Read more about finding the best fitness tracker for the athlete or gym bunny in your life in our fitness tracker buying guide.

What is the best MacBook, iPad or iPhone to buy this Christmas?

Fancy a new laptop or phone but aren't really sure where to start? It can be tricky to browse through tech on the refurbished market, in particular if you want to save the pennies but at the same time, don't want a device that's a few years old. We've worked together with the pros to find some A's to the most popular Q's (answers to the most popular questions) that pop up about everything and anything on our website, and we've summarised everything in our handy buying guides.